At Adams Asphalt, we’ve seen just about everything over the past 25 years and there are a few best practices we want to share. 

Do you want to know how to run the best, most efficient asphalt plant? Stay on top of the maintenance and identify issues before they become problems! Here are 7 critical areas of your plant to continually monitor through quarterly asphalt plant inspections. 

  1. The Burner –  Check linkages and adjustments with quarterly burner tuneups. 
  2. The Drum – Inspect the drum and look for potential issues. Identifying problems in the dryer/drum early will prevent costly repairs or the need to replace equipment early.
    – Shell thickness
    – Tire shim
    – Trunnion shim
    – Trunnion adjustment
    – Flight wear
    – Seal wear
    – Frame level
    – Chute wear
    – Door wear
  3. Slatt – Sprockets and chains that are not maintained properly will cause severe wear on the main slatt chain. 
    – Slatt chain adjustment
    – Drive chain adjustment
    – Check sprockets in and out
    – Inspect reject door
  4. Transfer Conveyor
    – Transfer chain adjustment
    – Check sprockets in and out
  5. Silos
    – Batchers inspect for wear 
    – Inspect tub wall liners from top to bottom
    – Check silo gates for worn pins
  6. Baghouse – 
    – Check auger bearing and shafts
    – Visually inspect bags
    – Check door seals
  7. Hot Oil Heater
    – Inspect pipe insulation
    – Do proper maintenance and cleaning
    – Check for oil leaks

Hopefully, this all is very familiar to you and your team is on top of the regular inspections. If you are not doing these things consistently, lets talk. Adams can guide you through what’s needed to improve operations, and avoid unforeseen maintenance nightmares. 

Stop paying for unnecessary repairs and incomplete work. Make sure the job is done right the first time by hiring quality professionials. Give us a call today and we can come up with the best plan for your project.

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