Did you know your drying costs cut profits the most?

What do I mean by that? Simple

Let’s look at the causes of added  fuel consumption

1)  Dryer flighting 

      High stack temperatures ( note:  to low stack temp. bad on baghouse equipment]

2)  Optimal Burner tune ups

      Example:  4000 ton per day  x  1.8 Gallon per ton  =  7200 gallons per day

                      4000 ton per day  x  2 Gallon per ton  = 8000 gallons per day

                       = .2 gallons per ton = 800 gallons per day 

                       = 800 x 5 (days) = 4000 gallons per week

                       = 1/2 transport load a week !!! 


       Optimal Burner tuneups are VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE BOTTOM LINE!!

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